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SolveTech, Inc. Specializes in Nonwoven Thickness Gauge System

SolveTech, Inc. offers customers four decades of experience and knowledge in the nonwoven thickness gauge system industry. The company has been a leader in developing and producing non-contact thickness gauging systems and continues to improve and benefit the plastics industry.

SolveTech, Inc. seeks to meet these four criteria for all of their products: proprietary technology, fast and easy to use, accurate, reliable and repeatable.

A Closer Look at Nonwoven Thickness Gauge Systems

At SolveTech, Inc., we make both online and offline gauging systems for different types of applications.

In addition to nonwoven thickness gauges, the company offers the following applications:

SolveTech makes two types of off-line laboratory thickness gauges: the precision profiler and precision spotchecker. For on-line gauges for the production line, we offer several different kinds: BF200 blown film gauging systems, custom measurement heads, machine direction gauging systems, multichannel array gauge, and single channel gauging system.

Nonwoven materials include bandages, fabric, cloth, and fiberglass. Out of all the off-line and online gauges, only the precision profiler and single/dual channel gauging systems are available for nonwoven applications. The precision profiler is for materials less than 0.1 inches and it tests uniformity of down web and cross web. The single/dual channel gauging systems measure the edge of your web.

Nonwoven is just one of our many specialties. With our industry experience and dedicated staff, we provide excellent consultation and services. To find out more about our nonwoven thickness gauging systems or other related applications, please visit our website, call us at 302-798-5400, or email your questions to

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