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January 22, 2015

Eliminate rejects with precise nylon film gauging.

Nylon extrusion has several applications ranging from food packaging to carpeting.  Processing and manufacturing nylon extrusion products can cause several challenges in final product uniformity. When uniformity is compromised, your product can be unusable, not suitable for sale and ultimately cost you time, money and customers.

There are several strategies that can help you eliminate nylon extrusion rejects. Let’s examine the process, the causes of irregular nylon film and the solutions.

Nylon Extrusion Process

Nylon ExtrusionThe process begins with nylon resin being melted and then extruded through a plate to control the nylon thickness. The end application determines the extrusion plate shape and actual process. Nylon resin can also be extruded through a blown film process.

Nylon is a higher quality film often used for thermoplastic, and this higher grade of plastic can be used at higher heats, stronger for food packaging and can withstand transport. Other applications and use include carpeting, wire jacketing, engineering coating, medical film and other industrial and consumer product applications.

At any point during the nylon extrusion process, the quality of your end product can be jeopardized.  Since, the film is extremely thin, there is no way to tell if the thickness is irregular by simply looking at the product.  Even with a highly precise and magnified lens, determining uniformity can be a challenge.

Causes of Film Irregularity

There are several causes of nylon extrusion film irregularity. These causes are common across all extrusion processes.

  1. Plate or mold wear and tear—repetitive use of equipment can cause imprecise results.
  2. Employee setup errors—if the set is incorrect, the end product will be incorrect as well.
  3. Mislabeled product—since it is impossible to tell gauge of film with naked eye, completed nylon film rolls can be easily mislabeled and improperly stored.

The Solution: Precise Gauging

By implementing a high-tech, non-contact gauging system at start-up, during the lay-flat or in your quality control lab, you can easily check for film irregularity. High tech gauging systems take the guess work out of production and quality control. By implementing this type of system, you can reduce rejects and scrap, leading to bigger profits, more efficient production and happy, satisfied end-use customers.

Call SolveTech For All Your Nylon Extrusion Gauging Needs

SolveTech has been in the business of measuring the thickness of plastics, nylon film and other non-conductive materials for over 30 years. Our solutions are non-contact, highly precise and available for for both on-line and off-line measurements. Specific products include:

  • Precision Profiler
  • BF200 Blown Film Gauging System
  • Custom Measurement Heads
  • Machine Direction Gauging System
  • Mulitchannel Arry Gauge
  • Single Channel Gauging System
  • Precision Spotchecker

Each of these tools can be customized for your needs! Call us for a free sample analysis, to learn more and to discuss our complete product catalog.

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