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August 31, 2015

SolveTech offers the solutions you need for blown film gauging.

After you manufacture blown film products in your workplace, where do they go?  They may have a future as packing materials in either industrial or consumer settings. They may create a barrier around raw materials or foods, or they may even package medicine.  No matter where your products end up, though, it is imperative that you offer high quality film with accurate and consistent thickness.  Of course, even though blown film, or tubular film, extrusion is one of the most common methods of film manufacturing, it is still not without its challenges.   

blown filmYou need to be able to guarantee to the thickness of all of your film products, no matter its intended use.  However, you often need to do this on the production line, in potentially harsh and dirty environments.  These, combined with the many variables that affect film thickness during the blown process can make it difficult for operators to provide the consistent products that customers need.  At SolveTech, we wanted to create a more reliable and accurate solution to these and other challenges.  Below, you will find two of our most popular solutions for thickness gauging for blown film production.

BF200 Blown Film On-Line Gauging System

The BF200 measures thickness accurately while still on the production line, using marketing leading precision and consistent calibration. Easy to use and durable, this tool holds up well in almost any film production environment, making it a clear alternative to other systems which cannot give a consistent or absolute measurement.

The Standard System Includes

  • A non-invasive and non-nuclear measurement head that provides outstanding reliability without interfering with the production process  
  • A gauge control unit which powers and signals the measurement head
  • A PC-compatible gaugeware software package to provide easy-to-use, comprehensive thickness information.
  • A head position system that provides automatic re-standardization of the system.

Precision Profiler™ Laboratory Gauging System

Of course, at SolveTech, we understand that different manufacturers have different needs regarding profiling and gouging capabilities.  So, we offer a full line of blown film gauging solutions.  This line includes our market leading off-line thickness profiler: the Precision Profiler™.  Our proprietary technology provides accurate, repeatable, and reliable results in an easy to navigate manner.  Guaranteed to hold is calibration and provide the highest levels of precision, this tool is your solution for plastic film production challenges of all kinds    

For more information about any of our blown film solutions, please contact us today at 302-798-5400.

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