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August 31, 2015

Need to measure plastic film accurately and quickly?

Our plastic film thickness gauge is here to help


Looking for a quality plastic film thickness gauge? There are many options out there, but we know it’s important that you find the best and most accurate gauge that meets your needs. Whether you need to measure plastic film, plastic bags, paper, nonwovens or other similar materials, accuracy and precision are key. SolveTech’s high performance gauge can measure from the thousandths of a mil and up. Measuring with such precision can be difficult, so it’s important to find a product that you know will work every time.

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Commonly Asked Questions


Plastic Film Thickness GaugeNot sure how to approach measuring plastic film and why?  See our article here “How To Measure Plastic Film”.

First, the thickness of the film is often called the film’s “gauge.” Second, you’ll often see gauge, mils, and microns mentioned as measurements. Mils stand for thousandths of an inch. To understand how thin just 1 mil is, think about the thickness of a piece of printer paper. That is about 4 mils thick. 1 mil is equal to 25.4 microns which is equal to .0254 millimeters.  Because films can be less than 0.5 mils thick, it is essential to have a measurement instrument that is highly precise.  SolveTech’s proprietary gauging technology can have a repeatable precision of  +/-0.001 mils.

The Best Plastic Film Thickness Gauge


Plastic film thickness gauge

SolveTech utilizes their proprietary technology to produce the best plastic film thickness gauges in the industry. After being in the business for over three decades, we have designed and produced capacitance gauging technology for both the plastics industry and other materials. Not only is our measurement technology one of a kind, but it has been partnered with simple, easy to use software and hardware.

Customers love our products because it doesn’t take a complicated manual to figure out how to use them. Though we make a lot of different products now, we started out in the plastic industry and our core products are great plastic film thickness gauges.

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If you are interested in finding out more about a plastic film thickness gauge, visit our website or call one of our experts. You can learn more about our measurement principles and discover if your material is compatible with our technology.


Feel free to also submit an Information Request form which goes directly to our staff. A SolveTech engineer or sales associate will contact you and you can ask any questions you may have about our products. For the best plastic film quality control, our gauges will give you accurate results every time.

We offer free sample testing on your materials to verify that the application is a good fit and to help you see how our technology performs on your material.





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