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SolveTech’s Precision Profiler is the highest performing off-line thickness profiler… and it’s time you got acquainted.

How do you guarantee the value of your products?  As a manufacturer, you have probably already invested in high quality raw materials and trained a great team to use the high-performing equipment you need.  However, even such great investment on the front end, it is still possible for accidents to happen, creating flaws or inconsistencies in your material.  To prevent such losses, you need a profile measurement system who can evaluate your products precisely and accurately, helping you to prevent waste without slowing you down.  Does this sound like exactly what you’ve been looking for?  If so, it’s time to meet the Precision Profiler from SolveTech.

Meet The Precision Profiler

precision profilerThe Precision Profiler is the market leading off-line, high performance thickness profiler.  Fast, accurate, and easy to use, this tool provides you with reliable and repeatable data like never before.  By showing you where you need to make adjustments in your process and analyzing your material for variability, it can help you to reduce your scrap and prevent low quality product from getting through to your customers.  The Precision Profiler allows you to:

    • Analyze the cross-web profile for each role you produce
    • Print out thickness profile and quality control reports
    • Document and archive roll samples for customer assurance
    • Troubleshoot customer complaints in less time
    • Check profile set-ups
    • And more!

What We Mean When We Say

For over three decades, SolveTech has been dedicated to making the highest quality capacitance gauging technology for the plastics and other non-conductive materials industries. We are proud to say that the Precision Profiler guarantees the highest levels of precision and accuracy.  Guaranteed to hold calibration, it is your gateway to unlimited process and product analysis.  It even comes with important, value-adding features including %Plus and SpotPlot.

Versatility Adds Value

These special features bring you a versatility that adds value to your analysis.  When you switch to %Plus mode, you have a straightforward way to characterize your material with no calibration set up.  Or, you can opt for SpotPlot  which transforms your tool into a non-contact digital micrometer with full computer support. These and other versatile features add value to your Precision Profiler, guaranteeing its place at the top of the industry.

Want to learn more about the Precision Profiler or any of the other excellent gauging tools from SolveTech?  We look forward to talking with you about how our products can help you to improve your product process, ensure the quality of your products, and boost your bottom line. Begin a conversation with us today by calling 302-798-5400.


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