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SolveTech offers great alternatives to laser thickness measurement in a style that uniquely fits your company.

laser-thickness-measurement-in-east-coastHave you been looking for a company that provides laser thickness measurement in east coast states? SolveTech, Inc. has produces a capacitance-based gauging technology for the plastics industry for over 3 decades that can strongly outperform lasers for thin film applications. Capacitance gauging applies remarkably well to plastic film and other materials, and serves as a great alternative to laser thickness measurement instruments.

We have an array of applications for which our gauges can serve as an alternative to laser thickness tools, including:

  • Blown film
  • Biax film
  • Cast film
  • Ceramics
  • Converting
  • Nonwovens
  • Medical/specialty
  • Custom applications

A Detailed Look at Laser Thickness Measurement in East Coast Alternatives

East coast laser thickness measurement has taken a back seat to the superior options that SolveTech offers for any manufacturer’s gauging needs.

What do each of these applications involve? Each area we focus on has an instrument or two from our arsenal that best fits the job. Let’s take a look at a few:

Blown film

For blown film, SolveTech offers a couple different options. First is our BF200 blown film online gauging system. The BF200 is a cost effective and intuitive system built for measuring thickness after the film is laid flat. The other system is the Precision Profiler, an off-line gauge built for accuracy and repeatability.

Biax film

Polyester film was the target for SolveTech’s first biax film gauge, built in 1986. Biax film continues to have stringent demands for gauge uniformity, so specialized gauges are still used today.

Cast film

A single-channel gauging system is ideal for cast film, and SolveTech supplies the Precision Profiler and a precision spotchecker for in-lab gauges.


Converting processes benefit from our single-channel gauging system, multichannel array gauge, and the precision profiler.


For ceramics, the Precision Spotchecker, single/dual channel gauging systems, and the multichannel gauge systems are best.


Nonwovens benefit from the precision profiler for off-line testing, and the single/dual channel gauge for online production gauging.

Medical/Specialty film

Similarly to nonwovens, we apply the precision profiler for off-line testing, and the single/dual channel gauging system for online production gauging. For webs less than 60 inches, or Narrow Web, we recommend the multichannel array gauge.

Custom Applications

We can provide tools for thickness measurement on plastic film products or other material that are non-conductive and have no excessive heat or moisture.

SolveTech offers great alternatives to laser thickness measurement in east coast states. Our technology has become the standard for most of the top 20 plastics manufacturers in North America alone. To get started, call us today at 302-798-5400, or email at, and we’ll get you connected to one of our representatives.

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