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In the plastics industry, quality is of the utmost importance. If you’re producing quality products, you’re operating with high efficiency, high consistency, and high reliability. Of the instruments you use to carry out your plastics manufacturing, the tools performing your thickness measurement are amongst the few devices that affect each of those three categories.Steel-font-b-Material-b-font-Ultrasonic-font-b-Thickness-b-font-font-b-Gauge-b

Why is thickness measurement important?

Thickness gauges can monitor the thickness of materials as they’re being produced. They have a massive impact on the quality of your product, as they ensure that the material is meeting design specifications, and even catch damage early on in production. If you’re looking for thickness measurement equipment near east coast states, the innovators at SolveTech, Inc. have the experience and the knowledge to help.

Understanding the Role of Thickness Measurement Equipment near East Coast

Thickness measurement is a fine art, so the instruments that perform it should be meticulously made. So, what kinds of materials require thickness measurement equipment near east coast regions? Thickness gauges are optimized primarily for plastic film, although they can be adapted to other non-conductive materials, materials like ceramic tape and non-woven films. Even if it’s a custom material, as long as it’s non-conductive, and doesn’t involve any excessive heat or moisture, SolveTech’s thickness gauges are a perfect fit.

Know the Types of Thickness Gauges on the Market

There’s a gauging system for every application, and they can be split into two general categories – off-line, or on-line gauges.

Off-line gauges are key to inspecting the quality of your work, and provide crucial data about how your product meets a given specification.

On-line gauges put in the long hours monitoring your product as it’s produced, giving you real-time feedback for key diagnostics. See how your material does as it’s being produced, and be better equipped to make changes when they need to happen.
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