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SolveTech and the ASTM are Working Together To Produce a New ASTM Standard for Measuring the Thickness of Plastic Film

May 16th, 2016- Wilmington, DE USA – A new ASTM standard is currently being written and will be reviewed at November’s ASTM meeting.

New ASTM Standard for Plastic FilmThe new standard will represent a big step forward for measuring thin plastic film accurately and repeatably.  SolveTech will be working with the ASTM to develop this standard, and SolveTech’s noncontact thickness gauging technology will be used.  The PR2000 is highly precise and highly repeatable, so it will allow for a much more reliable measurement method for thin films.  The current standard has some serious limitations when measuring thin films which are highlighted in this study.

See the news here on the ASTM’s website:


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ASTM Standard for Plastic Film


SolveTech, Inc.  2016 – New ASTM Standard for Plastic Film

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