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Learn how SolveTech has cornered the market on gauging science, and how you can reap the benefits.

coating-thickness-gaugesAre you a plastics manufacturer looking for the best gauging technology out there? Searching for specialty-use gauges such as medical film thickness gauges, or silicon coating thickness gauges?

The manufacturing difficult to execute, but the gauging technology is out there to help.  SolveTech is actively pushing the limits of innovation. For measuring coating thickness, nothing guarantees quality in your film production as much as having the proper gauges installed.

A Balance of Accuracy vs. Efficiency

Gauging a coating’s thickness as it is applied to a thin film product is a prime example of the classic challenge to balance accuracy with efficiency. If you’re shooting for accuracy in your measurements, what amounts of production efficiency are you sacrificing to attain it? And the inverse is just as relevant: if your aim is efficiency, are you speedily producing material at the cost of accurate measurements?

Standard coating thickness measurement is done by a gauge placed on the thin coating itself as it’s being applied. While effective for solid coatings, there are numerous other types of coatings that traditional gauges can’t measure as efficiently. SolveTech has perfected the technology behind their coating thickness gauges that basically eliminates the need for a gauge on the coating itself, and instead relies on thickness measurement once the coating has already been applied.

The simple technology just takes thickness measurements of the carrier material plus the coating, and subtracts the thickness of the carrier material. You’re then left with the thickness of the coating itself, leaving you with the measurements you need to monitor the quality of your coatings.

How a Coating Thickness Gauge Works

We employ a gauging system from our arsenal, like the Precision Profiler or the MultiChannel Array Gauge, and place a sensor on the material as it is receiving a coating. Our technology works equally well for materials that may only be getting partial coatings. With the MulitChannel gauge, we can take a reading of the uncoated region of the material as well as a reading of the coated region, and use the same technique from before.

Our non-contacting coating thickness gauges can even be applied to your custom materials, as long as they are dry or maintain uniform moisture profiles and are non-conductive.

At SolveTech, we make coating thickness measurement a breeze for you as a manufacturer, and also offer a free sample thickness analysis to get you started. We proudly offer excellence in customer service to get you started toward a unique gauging systems solution that works for you. Give us a call at 302-798-5400, or email us at today!


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