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Polyester Film Thickness For your plastics manufacturing company, polyester film is undoubtedly a big ticket item. Polyester film is ubiquitous in the plastics industry, and has a home in a plethora of industries. The packaging industry uses it as the basis for light bags, stretch wrap, and vacuum sealing. Electrical engineers depend on polyester film for things such as cable wrapping, transformer insulation, layering in touch-based switches, and even flexible printed circuit boards. Imaging professionals use polyester film whenever they process microfilm, color proofings, x-rays, and much more. Polyester film is everywhere in other specialty applications, serving as the base for all types of tapes, laminating films, videotape, and more.

As a plastics manufacturer, you depend on systems and techniques that can consistently guarantee a quality product. Nothing is of higher importance to ensuring quality in your products than having the right gauging tools in place on the production line to measure polyester film thickness. Here at SolveTech, Inc., we’ve made it our focus for the last 35 years to pursue excellence in capacitance-based gauging solutions for plastics manufacturers.

The Gauge that Makes a Difference

Polyester film is either extruded or cast into thin film sheets, and is transformed into a number of types of thin film. Among these are:

  • Plain
  • Anti-static
  • Adhesion treated
  • Metal
  • Barrier coated

During production, proper polyester thickness measurement is tricky to achieve. The best tool for the job is one that will provide the highest, most accurate measurements in real-time with the least amount of interference with the product. SolveTech’s line of non-contact gauges are the perfect fit for such an application. Traditional contact-based gauges endanger the quality of the product and are less likely to detect damage. Moreover, polyester film thickness is generally fairly low, and the tolerance is tight. Inconsistencies, then, require much more precision to detect than can be found in standard gauges.

Our gauges can be used to measure your polyester film’s thickness either in pre-production setup, during the lay-flat in production, or post-production in your quality control lab.

A Reliable Non-contact Gauging Solution

SolveTech has been the leader in capacitance-based gauging solutions with more than 35 years’ experience in the industry. Visit us online to explore our array of high-quality gauges, and call us today to start working toward a unique gauging solution for your company! Ask about a free sample thickness analysis, where we can give you feedback on a sample of your product at no cost to you.


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