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SolveTech introduces its unique, market leading gauging technology to the European market.

How It Works, New PicWilmington, Delaware, USA- June 29, 2016 -SolveTech has partnered with Quantum Opus Business Solutions, based in the United Kingdom, to now serve European plastic film producers.  Their
proprietary capacitance based measurement technology, used in the plastic film industry in North America for over 35 years, is being introduced to the European market for the first time.

This technology, which is currently used by most of the top 20 film producers in the US, is a new resource that European plastic film producers will have at their disposal.

“We are excited about introducing our unique technology to the European market which embraces high precision and green technology.  It will provide a lot value to producers and purchasers of the materials that want to inspect the thickness and uniformity of plastic film on and off line.”-Doug Lawrence, President, SolveTech, Inc.

SolveTech’s technology is non-hazardous, which is expected to be a big plus for many European producers.  With tight regulations around nuclear gauging, producers need an option that is environmentally friendly while offering superior precision.

macolm croppedQuantum Opus’s President, Malcolm Littlewood, is an experienced measurement professional with strong technical abilities.  After careful testing and evaluation, Malcolm is helping his first end user in Europe to move forward with a project.

 “We received our first order for a high tech application for films as thin as 7 microns.  The customer could not use a nuclear solution and required a measurement precision, accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility of a high order and unavailable from NIR providers.  This meant that the only practical solution was provided by SolveTech Inc.  For applications on webs as narrow as 1500mm down to 25mm the SolveTech range of instrumentation provides an unsurpassed measurement visualization solution either On-Line or in the Quality Laboratory.  We are delighted to be representing SolveTech in Europe and able to offer industry a tool with remarkable ‘payback’ potential in terms of material savings and product consistency.”

Malcolm Littlewood, Director, Quantum Opus Business Solutions Ltd.


SolveTech offers several products on and off line.  Off line, the PR2000 Precision Profiler leads the US market in non contact plastic film profiler sales due to its accuracy and repeatability.  It is precise down to 0.025 micron while handling a wide range of material thicknesses from 2.5 micron to 1 mm.

On line, SolveTech has several unique offerings including high speed machine direction analysis for cast film webs and a cast film gauge that measures the entire web continuously without scanning.

SolveTech also offers a proprietary after-the-lay-flat on line blown film gauge which has led the North American market in rejuvenating older blown film lines.  This gauge is excellent for average thickness control which is expected to be especially valuable to European producers who often sell film by the square meter.

SolveTech and Quantum Opus are excited to partner together to bring SolveTech’s products to the high quality producers in the EU.

SolveTech, Inc. is based in Wilmington, DE USA and has been making thickness gauging solutions for over 35 years.  They specialize in capacitance based non-contacting measurements for nonconductive materials such as plastic film, ceramic tape and coatings.

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