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November 16, 2015

Don’t Be the Company That Falls Behind Because They Broke These 3 Cardinal Rules of Blown Film Production

precision thickness gaugingWe get it. You are a growing blown film producer and you are focused on your bottom line. The economy is still moving along slowly. BUT don’t get caught committing these 3 common mistakes in plastic film production! Are you guilty of any of these? If so, you may want to rethink the way that you monitor your film production. Consider precision thickness gauging with the company that set the industry standard.

Mistake 1: Quantity Over Quality

Perceived quality is very important in keeping customer loyalty and maintaining your price point. Don’t let quality fall by the wayside. It may be appealing at first to save some money, but having production equipment go bad due to not taking precision thickness gauging seriously. Not only that, but you may lose out on returned product or even lost customers due to lesser quality.

Mistake 2: Non-Uniform Film Thickness

Uniformity in your film’s thickness can help in multiple ways. It can help the production process move more smoothly, and will result in a higher quality product. Such small variations can be hard to spot, so never assume your film is fine without gauging with the best equipment. At SolveTech, we have the best precision thickness gauging equipment for your blown film.

Mistake 3: Incomplete Gauging Data

Without advanced gauging and proper data management, it makes it really difficult to determine quality problems. Being able to trace the root cause of the issues is essential, so don’t let your products zip by without tracking accurate gauging data. Check out our PR2000 Precision Profiler for high performance measurement!

SolveTech Set the Industry Standard in Precision Thickness Gauging

For over 3 decades, SolveTech has been leading the pack in gauging standards and being in the forefront of the technology, but we always keep our customers as the main focus!  That’s why we offer many great resources, both with our equipment and top-notch technology, but also provide many great resources for you to help you make your plastic film products unbeatable!

Don’t know how to get started in getting control of your blown film quality? Don’t fear, we understand and it is what we are passionate about! Why not try us out by getting a FREE Sample Analysis Report? Click here for more details! We want to make this process easy and stress free for you. Speak with one of our engineers or sales associates today at 302-798-5400 or e-mail us at:

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