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November 6, 2015

SolveTech Thickness Gauging Technology now available in Mexico

SolveTech is pleased to announce that Tecnipack will be our new official representative in Mexico.  We are excited to bring our technology to Mexico, and we think we can be a valuable resource to plastic film producers in this region.

The President of Tecnipack, Guillermo Villarreal, has had extensive experience in the measurement and gauging industry.  His strong technical background and high level of professionalism make him a great asset to us and our customers.

You can learn more about SolveTech’s thickness gauging products here.

SolveTech offers non contact, non nuclear gauges and expects to replace many nuclear gauges in the region.  Nuclear thickness gauges or basis weight gauges cause a great deal of regulatory issues, and SolveTech products eliminate any issues because they are non hazardous.  At the same time, they offer superior performance as well.

Please contact Guillermo and his team below for any of your thickness gauging needs.  SolveTech specializes in capacitance based thickness gauging systems for the plastic film industry and other producers on nonconductive materials.  These thickness gauging systems can be a great alternative to nuclear gauges such as Gamma backscatter or Beta gauges.  Strong regulations and difficulties with importing nuclear sources can be eliminated while improving performance.




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