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SolveTech knows the value of having a reliable thickness gauge on your production line – let us show you how to revitalize your rubber thickness gauging today.

In the world of rubber manufacturing, what sets your company apart? The work you’ve done to stand out from the crowd when it comes to quality and efficiency is work that should not go unrecognized. At SolveTech, we know the value of hard work and dedication – since 1981, we’ve made it our goal to provide the utmost in capacitance and gauging technology to benefit our customers and their constituents.

Silicone Sheet Thickness MeasurementFor a rubber manufacturer, the thickness gauges used on the production line are one of the most crucial areas affecting the quality of your product. No matter the quality of your thickness gauges, you depend on them to ensure consistency, reduce waste, and recognize defects in your product. And whether you’re measuring plastic or rubber thickness, nonwoven or another thin material, our capacitance technology has what you need!

2 Reasons You Don’t Have to Fear Rubber Thickness Measurements

We’ve worked hard over the years to build the most reliable arsenal of thickness gauging instruments, an arsenal that can be customized to uniquely fit your company. At the forefront of our array of instruments are two gauges that have taken the spotlight in recent years:

  • The FX2100 – A gauge developed in close likeness to our very first gauge in 1986, The FX2100 is a single-channel gauging system designed to monitor thickness on non-conductive materials. Delivering high resolutions and high speed, this gauge is ideal for measuring your manufactured rubber products.   Two unit can measure either side of the web to monitor and adjust the calendar position.
  • Precision Profiler Gauge – Our off-line profiler, the PR2000, is customizable for use with thinner or  thicker materials to provide “point to point” measurements called thickness profiles. These profiles give important data about the consistency of the film being produced. It can collect up to 1440 data points per minute, making it roughly 25 to 50 times more consistent and accurate than a micrometer.

No matter your need, our attentive customer service representatives will happily guide you to a gauging solution that makes sense for your company. Whether you need gauges for measuring the thickness of rubber, plastic, or other non-wovens, we have the resources you need. We’ve become the gauging standard for most of the top 20 plastics manufacturers in North America, so there’s no need to hesitate. Call us today at 302.798.5400, or email us directly at! Prepare a sample of your product and send it in to receive a free sample analysis report! Don’t let the dark days of inefficiency get you down – the promise of a productive future is not far, and SolveTech is here to get you on track.

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