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A pair of steady hands can make the difference between average and innovative – learn how to ensure quality in your plastics manufacturing today.

When a potter sits down to sculpt, he makes sure he has certain materials always available to him. From the clay and the wheel, to the shaping tools and the quick access to water, having everything right at his side is key.

Non-Contact-Thickness-Measurement-Near-East-CoastWhen a thin film is being extruded, nothing feels better to a plastics manufacturer than having all the right tools at your side. Thin film production has, in a way, become your art, and your extruders are your throwing wheels. As your machines sculpt the perfect rolls of film, the instruments that measure thickness are your hand gliding along the inside of the vase – sensitive to the smallest ripple in the clay, and keeping the vase’s wall just thick enough as it spins.

Manufacturers looking for the best instruments in non-contact thickness measurement near east coast industries come to SolveTech, Inc., for our quality measurement tools that have stood the test of time.

Tools for Excellence in Non-Contact Thickness Measurement Near East Coast

How steady are your hands? No doubt you’ve garnered a reputation for quality products that comes from a lifetime of diligent practice, and the highest scrutiny in all your work. And nothing grants quality in film production as much as having the right thickness measurement tools in your arsenal. High precision tools are your steady hands, and SolveTech proudly offers the best east coast non-contact thickness measurement tools around.

As much as some of the old methods may still be the best methods, at SolveTech we make it our goal to fine tune and perfect the techniques that have served us best. Evolving and adapting to the science of non-contact thickness measurement near east coast has been a breakthrough in the manufacturing world. After all, most potters don’t turn a wheel with their feet anymore, but it doesn’t change the art of centering the clay, or wedging it before it’s thrown.

The market for non-contact thickness measurement near east coast manufacturers has been where SolveTech has found its home in recent years, and the tools they offer can be implemented in just the right way for your company. Our instruments include, but are not limited to:

Our customer service representatives are ready to help you get started on the path to a gauging solution that makes sense for you as a manufacturer. Request a sample thickness analysis today to get started, at no cost to you! You can also call at 302-798-5400, or email us at

Know the value of a pair of steady hands on your production line, and ask about a non-contact thickness gauge from SolveTech today!

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