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February 19, 2016

Excellence in the plastics industry hinges on thickness inspection – learn how to revitalize your plastics production!

In the plastics industry, few things are as important as the tools that carry out your plastic thickness inspection. The proper inspection of film during and after production is key to ensuring the highest productivity and least amount of wasted material.

Plastic Film InspectionThe innovators at SolveTech, Inc. have made it their goal and passion to provide the highest quality inspection tools for your sake as a plastics manufacturer. Quality in plastics manufacturing comes from the ability to produce film with as little waste as possible, and with the highest consistency attainable. Your plastics systems deserve the kinds of quality instruments that will work overtime to inspect plastic thickness and guarantee consistency.

Film production needs monitoring at many stages .As the film is being produced, our thickness gauges, like the Precision Profiler, work to monitor the plastic to ensure its consistency, and create detailed profiles for analysis.

SolveTech Proudly Offers the Best in Plastic Thickness Inspection Instruments

So what can you look forward to from SolveTech? We provide a number of game-changing tools to boost your production efficiency and overhaul your ROI. Our key plastic thickness inspection tools include:

  • FX2100 – The FX2100 is a single-channel gauging system designed to monitor thickness on non-conductive materials. Ideal for narrow web products and thin or difficult to measure films, the FX2100 is a direct descendant of SolveTech’s original 1986 systems. The single-channel system promises high resolutions and high speed, and all the ease-of-use and reliability that SolveTech is proud to offer.
  • MultiChannel Array Gauge – Similar to the FX2100, the multichannel array gauge is used to deliver crossweb profiles in real time with tremendous precision. The use of multiple channels guarantees the highest performance unit for web materials less than 60 inches in width. With this gauge, you get 100% continuous coverage with the highest accuracy.
  • PR2000 – The PR2000 is a wonderful addition to any plastics manufacturing, providing thickness profiles for strips of plastic film and other non-conductive materials. Often referred to as “point to point” measurements, the profiles can identify the material’s variability of cross web and machine direction thickness.

Let SolveTech Get You the Plastic Thickness Inspection Upgrade You Deserve

Solvetech offers free sample testing to show you the impressive performance value of our gauges at no cost to you. Call or email us today, and we will be more than happy to help provide exactly the tools you need for your company!

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