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January 28, 2016

SolveTech, Inc. is your ideal destination for all you need to jumpstart your success in the world of blown extrusion near east coast industries.

Let’s face it, success in the packaging industry hinges on the quality of your blown film, and it starts with the machines that perform your blown extrusion. Near east coast businesses such as yours, you should have your eye on the good people and products at SolveTech, Inc. You need a company that guarantees the best quality control, every time.

blown-extrusion-near-east-coastWe take pride in the top-of-the-line technology integrated into the gauges that monitor the thickness of blown film. These gauges are designed to be incorporated into your existing extruders, so you don’t have to do anything more than a swap-out! So enough big talk, why should you pay attention to SolveTech?

2 Reasons SolveTech’s Tools for Blown Extrusion Near East Coast Manufacturers are the Upgrade You Need

  1. Completely non-invasive gauging system

    With the advances made in laser thickness measuring, you’re guaranteed a measurement instrument that won’t interfere with the blown film being produced. The instantaneous measurement and quality feedback provided by triangulated laser gauges guarantees that you get the most accurate measurement at the lowest possible risk to the consistency of your blown film.

  1. User-friendly configuration and maintenance

    The last thing you need to do to your existing east coast blown extrusion system is get an upgrade that you can’t maintain yourself. SolveTech provides gauges, profilers, and spotcheckers that are designed to fit your needs as a manufacturer. With total efficiency in mind, you get a system that has an easy to understand software package, and the maintenance is a breeze!

Bottom line, there’s no point in making a new system more complicated than it needs to be, and there never has been. Here at SolveTech, we proudly provide blown extrusion tools that are simultaneously the best of current gauging technology as well as the most user-friendly instruments on the market.

Ask Us Today about Meeting All Your Needs for Blown Extrusion Near East Coast Regions

You’re undoubtedly a quality company, and you deserve the best that the industry has to give you. You have a reputation where when companies are in need of a top provider of blown extrusion near east coast regions, you’re the first one that comes to mind. So don’t let the work you’ve done to maintain that reputation go to waste. Call SolveTech today, and let us walk with you through the process of finding the perfect manufacturing solution for your blown extrusion company!

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