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January 27, 2016

If Your Blown Film Quality Needs Improvement, SolveTech Has The Solution

For your plastics company, blown film production is your most valuable asset. Your blown film quality determines your success in partnership with converters and packaging companies, so you deserve the best equipment for the job. SolveTech stands as the leader in manufacturing quality blown film measurement instruments that best fit your industry needs with over 35 years of experience. So don’t make the mistake of settling for second-best!  Contact us to discuss your application here.

Learn more about the impact of thickness gauging for a blown film plant here.

Is Your Blown Film Quality is Due for a Makeover?

blown film qualityFor 35 years, SolveTech’s focal point has been the development of quality production and measurement tools for all types of plastic film and non-conductive materials. And at the pinnacle of blown film quality assurance are machines like SolveTech’s BF200 Blown Film Gauge. The BF200 can be easily added to the blown film extruder you already have and help you produce the highest blown film quality possible. With the BF200 in your arsenal, you’re guaranteed a number of advantageous features:

  • Stable and reliable thickness measurement
  • Completely non-invasive measuring system – won’t interfere with film in any way
  • Continuous feedback for gauge profiles
  • In-depth and easily accessible software package
  • Ergonomic and easy to use design
  • User-friendly installation, calibration, and maintenance
Blown Film Quality Control
The BF200 installs after the lay flat

So why choose the BF200 over other gauging systems? SolveTech takes pride in going the extra mile to ensure that you get the quality your plastics production deserves. Within the production of blown film, there are too many complications that can arise that too often rob technicians of valuable time. An upset or a drift may occur, and suddenly an entire floor is halted in order to fix a small detail. Or, in an environment that is too dirty or cluttered, blown film quality can be ruined by the inclusion of even the smallest clump of dust or grit. The BF200 is the perfect addition to your shop, as it is able to catch upsets, drifts, inclusions and even prevent them entirely. Its top-of-the-line monitoring system is designed to handle environments that are often too rough for most systems, due to humidity, temperature, or air quality changes.

In short, there’s nothing to lose by choosing SolveTech’s BF200 blown film gauging system – as an enhancement to your existing system, it can only improve your company’s blown film quality and overhaul your production efficiency as well. Learn more by reading about the massive impact the BF200 has had on the plastics industry, and call SolveTech today to take your plastics production by the horns!


We also offer the PR2000 for use in your blown film quality lab.  Simply the highest performance blown film profiler on the market.






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