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September 10, 2014

For over three decades, SolveTech has focused on making its core measurement technology the best available.

Its at the heart of many of our products, making a significant difference to our customers.


SolveTech, Inc. is a leader in the design and application of non-contact thickness/basis weight gauging systems based on dielectric measurement principles. The first generation of gauges were developed in 1986 to test variability in thickness on polyester film lines. The company went on to enhance the technology and, in 1988, introduced the first commercially viable, double-sided (parallel plate) capacitance gauges. This technology brought significant new levels of performance in accuracy and speed, along with the concepts of user-definable measurement footprints and gaps.

In 1989, SolveTech developed the firs Array gauges. These gauges provided the first high speed “terrain maps” of extruded products. In subsequent years, there has been continuous improvement to the technology. It has been successfully applied to numerous applications involving a wide variety of materials and geometries.

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