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December 8, 2014

Gauging tools can be a useful tool to add to a film blowing machine.  Gauging tools can help profits by reducing scrap, improving quality, enhancing training and increasing productivity.  By adding a gauging tool to your film blowing machine, you can recognize significant operational improvements by supporting the work of operators, process engineers and quality control personnel.

Gauging tools can also be added off-line, as a critical post-production tool for quality control.

Understanding the film blowing machine process

film blowing machineA film blowing machine is used to make polyethylene into plastic film. The blown film process has many variables that can adversely affect film thickness. This creates a challenge for the blown film machine operator as he tries to achieve target thickness. On-line gauging tools can be used after the lay-flat process to measure plastic thickness. On-line gauging tools should be both non-invasive and non-nuclear, as not to disturb bubbles or mark film. Gauging tools offer a true return on investment by improving yield, reducing waste, improving product quality and increasing customer confidence. All of this leads you to gain new business and grow your operations.

SolveTech: On and Off Line Gauging Tools

The addition of one of SolveTech’s gauging tools can add profits! SolveTech has created its Model BF200 Blown Film Gauging System specifically as an on-line add on to your existing film blowing machine. The Precision Profiler is the ultimate tool for post-production quality control and customer service.

Both tools are non-invasive and non-nuclear; ensuring your product is not marked or disturbed. The tools also include a fully-compatible gauge ware software package to power hand analyze your thickness data as it related to production set-up, process monitoring and end product review.

Want to learn more? Call SolveTech today!

SolveTech has over 30 years of experience creating gauging tools for plastics and other non-conductive materials. We are the leaders in the design and application of non-contact thickness and basis weight gauging stems. SolveTech first began developing tools to test the variability in thickness on polyester film lines. Since then, the SolveTech product line has grown to include an extensive array of gauging solutions for extruded products including:

  • Blown film
  • Cast film
  • Ceramics
  • Converting
  • Medical/Speciality films
  • Nonwovens
  • General/Other

Call SolveTech today to learn more about our gauging tools for film blowing machines and other applications. We look forward to working with you!

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