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December 8, 2014

During your production process there are numerous steps that errors in production can lead to inconsistent thickness on your end product. Inconsistencies can result in bad product, wasted materials and customer dissatisfaction.

The only way to ensure your end product is of the highest quality is through profile measurement.

Profile measurement is the perfect tool for process monitoring. By gauging the profile measurement of your finished product, your production and quality control team can assess any adjustments needed in your process to save money and improve quality.

Save Money

As resin and raw material prices continue to rise and competition is fierce, precisely assessing your end-product profile measurement is critical to minimizing your spending and maximizing your profits. Your profile measuring tool will help you make adjustments that can reduce scrap and reduce returned product.

Quality Control

Profile MeasurementUsing a gauging tool will also help power your quality control department. A high quality gauging tool like SolveTech’s Precision Profiler will help your quality control department to:

  • Analyze the profile for each and every roll produced
  • Print out thickness profile measurement reports for each roll
  • Document roll samples for customer and sales use
  • Troubleshoot product deficiencies and customer complaints

The Precision Profiler

The Precision Profiler from SolveTech is a high-level measurement tool for quality control and pre-production step-up.  The Precision Profiler features a sturdy design, making it a tool you can use both on the production floor and in your lab, without fear of it being damaged. It is incredibly user friendly and integrates seamlessly into your production and quality control platform.

The tool includes easy-to-use software (PR2000-PC) that generates product spec and measurement data. The software runs on standard Windows operating systems and can easily be exported into Excel spreadsheets for use in additional reports.

In addition to the PR2000-PC System Software, the Precision Profile system includes the gauge system with motorized nip/roll, measurement head assembly, foot switch, film stabilizer and all required power cords and cables.

Meet SolveTech

SolveTech has been in the plastics gauging business for over 30 years. Our team of gauging experts have developed some of the best profile measurement and gauging solutions on the planet. In addition to the Precision Profiler, SolveTech has developed an entire suite of film measurement tools including the BF200 Blown Film Gauging System, Custom Measurement Heads, Machine Direction Gauging System, Multichannel Array Gauge, Single Channel Gauging System and Precision Spotchecker.

Want to learn more? Call SolveTech today.

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